Our Process



Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. "Custom-made", "made to order", "made to measure" and, in our case, “hand-made.”


Bespoke by PGI Homes is our unique home building service, for a home that truly reflects your style. Working closely with our award-winning design team, every customer steps into a realm of unimagined possibilities. We combine your personal vision with our design and expertise.

PGI Homes success is derived from the fully integrated design process we offer our clients including drafting design and our proprietary selection center. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized with over 300 industry awards, more than any other builder in our area. From the designers and engineers, to the carpenters, drywallers and the flooring specialists, we commission the most talented craftsmen to build your ultimate bespoke home.


initial consultation


Our philosophy is hands-on, rather than outsourcing the design process to a third party architectural firm. Doing so enables PGI Homes to work more closely with you in creating ‘The Ultimate Bespoke Home.’ Your initial consultation will start with Anthony Farhat, President of PGI Homes. This meeting will capture your vision, determine your desired square footage, budget expectations and architectural style. Anthony is a well respected home designer, featured in several publications, and previously recognized by the Southeastern Building Conference as designing the Best Single Family Home under $500K, Best Single Family Home $500K-$1M, and Best Single Family Home $1M-$1.5M.



it begins with the land


site evaluation


The custom home design process begins with a personal on-site inspection of your homesite. We carefully study the best views, sun exposure, and neighboring properties. Our team will also review local ordinances, deed restrictions, and other vital building information to gain a clear understanding of your site characteristics. Once we have determined the optimal layout, specific to your site, we are ready to proceed to a formal design phase.


due diligence


PGI Homes offers a simple, affordable process for your due diligence. This allows you to get a feel for how we operate as a team and see your custom home on paper. Included within our due diligence process is:


  • an official survey

Determine Flood Zone
Specify Easements
Provide Exact Dimensions
Establish Current Grade


  • preliminary floor plan

Begin Designing Custom Floorplan Based on Desired Lifestyle Needs


  • lot fit

Position the Floor Plan on the Lot
Detail the Buildable Envelope


  • elevation

Front View of Home from Street


  • cost breakdown

Provide Detailed Specifications Included



design - we want your input!


Throughout the entire Due-Diligence phase your input is the basis for our design inspiration. Anthony carefully listens as you discuss your lifestyle and how you want your house to function, turning your thoughts into architectural form, sketching a beautiful layout of your custom home. After the concept is established for your new home, we refine the drawing by adding detailed design features until the concept is complete. Square footage, room counts, and environmental design are addressed so budget and scope can be accurately established. When finished, the sketches are used to determine the elevation, and by extension, the architectural feel of your new home.






After the plan design is complete and the budget is tailored to your satisfaction, a formal contract will be prepared and provided.


now we bring your vision to life…







Contact the PGI Homes. LLC design team

at info@pgihomes.com or call 888.708.9166